Today I participated at a presentation of the activity of the Hague Conference. I was glad to find out that Romania was one of the 13 countries who participated at the first Conference in 1893, that Spanish will become a working – not official – language of the Conference as one third of the member … Continue Reading

I have always considered that there is no teacher that can introduce knowledge in somebody’s mind. They can, of course, present a perspective, influence students in making connections between notions and so on. I think that the only real solid knowledge is the one that you study yourself with you book in front of you, … Continue Reading

This is the second day of the Academy. This morning I started by attending the Doctoral meeting. It is a great networking tool for the PhD students or for the attendees interested in writing such thesis. I fall under the second category. The discussion meeting was moderated by someone at the Hague Conference on Private … Continue Reading

I got through the security check, through the imposing gates of the Peace Palace and after the picture for the badges was taken everybody is mingling waiting for the opening speech of Mr. Yves Daudet, Emeritus Professor of Public International Law at University Paris I Sorbonne and also the Secretary General of the Academy. The opening speech … Continue Reading

I am for the first time in Netherlands, I have arrived 24 hour ago and I have already walked for more than 10 hours and a few tens kilometers. I didn’t get a map, I simply let myself led by the city, I found my way on the beautiful streets. Without a to do list, … Continue Reading