On the Facebook group of the Academy more and more are starting to exchange information, organize dinners, tours of the city, some – including me – are looking for their roommates.

Marcus, who is one of the two awarded with the highly prestigious Diploma of the Academy last year is organizing an early dinner on Sunday 28th, the day right before the start of the courses. He asked whether I’m Indian or Brazilian.

The locations of the messages are mind bowing. Sakiko from Kyoto, Farouk from Annaba, Skikda (where is this?) and of course Marcus in Arvika – I’d rather say Evrika – Varmlands Lan (same), Sophie from Stockholm, Marios having a very party-ish picture from Cyprus, Iryna from Kiev. Nadia announces she arrives from Rio de Janeiro.

I’m glad Romania had a representative there too and I’m glad this is me.


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