I have always considered that there is no teacher that can introduce knowledge in somebody’s mind. They can, of course, present a perspective, influence students in making connections between notions and so on. I think that the only real solid knowledge is the one that you study yourself with you book in front of you, with the pen in the hand and with the mind opened to that subject.

That is the reason why schools, LLMs, summer programes etc. are just the introduction, the leaflet that shall lead the student to the whole matter, to the core of the subject, to its origins, to the sources, the definitions, the effects, the connections with other knowledge they had before.

This is why all the lecture for me are a source of inspiration, but not necessarily in a very strict academic sense. For example, during on of the lectures today, on the Sanitary and Phitosanitary Measures, I “saw” what I wanted to do in the next year, a perspective crystallized. Of course, I had had some ideas before, but now it seemed all so clear. I want to write down my plans for two reasons. The first one is because I do not want to forget them and the second one is because I want to see the extent to which they will come true.

1. I want to write a new article and I’m trying to find the theme during this course. What occurred to me right now, as I sit an in the Peace Palace Library is that I should write this article now.

2. Study well the new ICC Rules (which I have translated unofficially for the first time in Romania; they are not translated officially yet and probably they will never be) and the UNCITRAL Rules. For great purposes of course, but for now for the admission exam to the LLM on International Arbitration at the University of Bucharest where I want to be admitted the first on the list. ( 22.09.2013 checked)

3. Continue helping with the coaching of the University of Bucharest Willem C. Vis Team. (checked)

4. Participating as arbitrator to the 2014 Vis Moot edition. (checked)

5. Participating to the Students Research Paper Sessions and publishing the article. (checked)

6. Publishing the English dissertation.

7. Participate at the National Institute for the Training and Perfecting the Lawyers. (graduated)

8. Taking the final lawyer exam the first or among the first ones. (checked)

9. Visiting NY with mother after the exam. (05.01.2017, checked)

10. Becoming an assistant at the University of Bucharest in Private International Law.

11. Engaging in a PhD program with a thesis on PIL. (here is where plans drifted seriously)

12. Publishing the thesis.

13. Study well Spanish, French, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. Easy! (somewhere there…)

14. Become famous professor and go into politics/diplomacy.

15. Run the world. Easy!


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