Happy Birthday to two dear men, together 80 years older than myself, but in many ways younger than myself. May the road be backwards to them as the world would lose mountains of knowledge and experience if they disappeared. First one secretly ambitioned me pass the Bar Exam and taught me to see the unseen … Continue Reading

September 24th 2016, Bucharest, Romania I had taken Arabic group lessons in 2010, during my second year of Law School. Now, when I think about it, my life chanfed dramatically in 2010 and I did not even realize it at that moment. During the second module, around May, I quit classes. Then in July I … Continue Reading

September 24th 2016, Bucharest, Romania I have always agreed that we have to do each thing at its moment. It is like the train in the train station. If you are not there at the right timing, you miss it. It does not mean that I always do that. I will, probably, always remember a … Continue Reading

When I am in the plane, I like to write. Hand write. I wrote this text while I was in the plane taking me to the Hague Academy of International Law on the 27th of July 2013. I have a smile in the corner of my lips as I realize I am writing with a … Continue Reading

September 22nd 2016, Bucharest, Romania The dawn found me with a book in my hands. I could have continued forever. Then, I had that wonderful Sunday when you spend quality time with yourself. I agree with the saying: “I rarely get bored and never while I am by myself”. I listened to old songs as … Continue Reading