This book is about destiny. From an (more than) upper middle class family, ambitious and educated in a strict manner, especially after the death of her highly educated father, son of former consul of Iran in Georgia, Farah Pahlavi is the last wife of the last Shah of Iran. In Memoirs she outlines the previous … Continue Reading

October 25th 2016, Bucharest, Romania I believe in small things. Friday started past midnight, reading the fascinating lived history of Farah Pahlavi, the (last) wife of the lat Shah of Iran. In these moments when I almost feel I will give up, it is the book, the story, the model, the image that motivates me … Continue Reading

October 25th 2013, Bucharest, Romania¬† It is Friday night and I started writing. The only regret of this week was that I did not have one single minute to sit down, gather my thoughts and write. This past week was crazy. I cannot appreciate if it passed slowly or very fast, I just feel unable … Continue Reading

These last two weeks my everyday schedule had about 20 bullets and comprised of an average of 14 hours of work a day. I went to court most of the days which means besides waking up at 6, preparing the file, preparing the pleading, writing the hearing report afterwards, communicating the following term to the … Continue Reading

October 5th 2013, Bucharest, Romania I think I am on that ascending trend, that I will try to get rid of in a few hours, when I try to control all my time, to use each movement for something useful for myself, for my future, when I am terrified of losing any opportunity or of … Continue Reading