These last two weeks my everyday schedule had about 20 bullets and comprised of an average of 14 hours of work a day. I went to court most of the days which means besides waking up at 6, preparing the file, preparing the pleading, writing the hearing report afterwards, communicating the following term to the paralegal department etc.

Courses at the LLM in International Arbitration started. The first course, Comparative International Arbitration, is taught my Mrs. Crenguta Leaua, which besides being one of the top professionals in the field of arbitration in Romania and who is a delight to the students. I sip every word and note everything down. There were 6 courses of 3 hours each covering topics like, ADR, forms of arbitration, defining international and commercial arbitration, the judicial nature of arbitration, the relations between arbitrators and the state justice system, constitutionality and arbitration, human rights and arbitration, due process in arbitration, arbitration agreements – autonomy, the law governing the arbitration agreements, interpretation of defective arbitration agreements and arbitrability. This is the first part of the module and the second shall be taught next semester.

Also, the Willem C. Vis problem was distributed and the preparations of the team of the University of Bucharest began.

Most of the fault for my crowded schedule is mine, as I do not want to give up my passions. First, it is my Rotaract activity, which I have neglected during the last months and which I undertook (to myself) to follow my entire life. Second, it is the Arabic lessons, which I have not neglected, but which I have already given up once in 2010 and which I promised (again, to myself), that I will not give up ever again, no matter what. Actually, I would give up anything else for it, excluding my work and Rotaract. My plan is to be fluent in Arabic and become an authorized translator of the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

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