This post goes back to my past. A past that was happy, free, lively and fulfilling. When I met new people everyday, when I walked all day and all night from place to place, adding to my experience. I met all kinds of people in an amazing contrast. Today fell the first snow of this … Continue Reading

The disease of the century and probably the disease of the centuries to come, unless some magical formula is discovered, is the lack of time. Time shrank, or at least this is what experts say, so what would be the cure for this virus? Efficiency, a concept we often talk about, but never really analyze … Continue Reading

Catherine Ashton, European Union’s foreign policy chief, was the first to announce on her Twitter account, followed by the Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif, as well on his Twitter account that Iran has reached and agreement with the major world powers (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Russia) this morning in Geneva regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program. … Continue Reading

A few days ago I ran across an article written a bit differently than the usual ones, called “The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Today”. Its author is Mark Manson (“entrepreneur, author and world traveler” says the site) and it was published here. The text of the article is the following: “Everybody wants … Continue Reading

November 19th 2016, Bucharest, Romania I have said it before, I believe in destiny. As a young student, when I was learning how to write I had my left hand all dirty with kohl from the pencils that I used to paint my first letters (not really I knew how to write before going to … Continue Reading