This is my first day in Doha, Qatar, Middle East, the desert.

I was done with the formalities at 0400 and went to sleep. Then I started exploring the city with other girls from my country.

First stop in a city you know nothing about? The mall. A nice one with a little river with a gondola and a gondolier, beautiful ceilings and American chain restaurants (Applebee’s, T.J.I. Friday).

As I am always lucky at these things and seem to stick to the right people in the right moment, one of the girls has a friend living here for a few years and working for the company. She takes us to The Pearl, a beautiful new residential part of the city, very expensive and fancy and shows us around and explains about the tricks of the job. As I found out later, she found out about the place two months after she arrived and I am lucky to go there in the first day. Then we stop at Trader Vic’s Bar at Hilton Hotel.

A day before, I had talked over lunch (in Bucharest, right before my flight) with some diplomats that almost made me lose my flight about the life in Doha and this particular !!! bar. A day later, here I am…life is amazing, indeed!

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