February 22nd 2015

It is 0300 and I wake up with a terrible stomach ache. Last night I ate with my roomie some rice with meat and very hot pickles and beef from India. She set up the table while I was heating what I had bought. I saw she forgot the cutlery and I brought some for me and some for her. She said oooh…ok. I asked want was wrong. She said, you know, us Indians we eat with our hands. Ooooh…ok I thought. I put the cutlery away and asked her how to do it. I struggled a bit and promised I would improve. I loved the experience in itself, about two persons coming from two different cultures, trying to understand each other.

However, I go back to bed and fall asleep for another 40 minutes. Today is the first training day and I have to get groomed, dress up and put on a lot of make-up product. We are in the bus. They have some adorable small buses, very clean and fast, very curvy at the corners. Probably there are no traffic rules and they drive like crazy. The company drivers, the taxi drivers, the people. I could not like it more.

I am next to some Asian girls in the back row, second seat. I do not speak to anybody and I feel annoyed by the Romanian voices I hear, the loudest. I am thinking that hope I am not in the same group with them. I am not. First question is about the country I come from, what I did before and the reason for applying for the job. Romania, I went to law school and worked in a law firm for 5 years and decided I want a change in my life, here I am, I could not be more proud of my decision. I did not want to work from 9 (not to 5) but to 9 the second day and I wanted to interact with people from all over the world.

I knew… Nobody looked at me the same, but I keep my promise to never take this up in front or say anything about it.

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