February 26th 2015

I am getting used to Qatar and the life in the desert, a land that welcomed me with warmth and new opportunities. This place is amazing in many ways: there is sand everywhere, you can order anything from the store at home, most of the people are of a different nationality, everything is written in Arabic, too.

Even though I am only one week here today, I already have a routine and I love putting the make up on (it takes 10 minutes for foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyelid shade, eyeliner, blusher, lip liner and lipstick), getting dressed (the same everyday – black skirt and white shirt) and rushing down to wait for the adorable buses with the most of them Indian drivers flying through wide streets or narrow roads of Doha, taking us to the Tower (the aviation college and headquarters of the company). When there is a new shift – before 0600 and 1200 it is crazy, everybody runs from a bus or to a bus, everybody checking in and out, waiting in queue for the elevator or taking the stairs, looking for the screens to find their room and checking their lipstick.

I am looking at the pictures of myself and I am more confident, beautiful, My posture is different, my smile is wider and I use it more often, my fears are getting scared away. Most of all I feel so peaceful inside, I enjoy every moment, I embrace change positively and try to build my new order. I am content and proud of myself.

I think I was born to deal with the public and maybe this is why I was slowly fading at my previous job. It sound weird, but I am looking forward to dealing with difficult passengers, because I know I will solve the issues and because I will understand. Why? Because I am a difficult customer.

The trainer said you never forget your batch and probably this is the way it will be. I enjoy being with the girls and they are all unique in a way. We are told that the company saw something in us and that we are taught how to do this and that, but the real touch will be with our own personality. And this is what I am really looking forward to, being able to express my personality in a constructive manner.

They also teach us to think of everything positive. This makes a lot of sense, but we tend to ignore this very useful piece of advice.

Every time I hear Yalla I think of my Arabic teacher back home. Here, I realized I know a lot of Arabic and I obsessively read all the advertisements and traffic signs.

It is the moment when I take the benefits of the one year American experience and where I truly understand what multicultural means. Really multicultural!

Not the last, it’s the place where you learn that PIL does not come from Private International Law, but from Passenger Information List.

Nobody told us, but we heard, so no boys and girls on the same side of the street when waiting for the bus. Today we had to wait for quite a while and they only crossed once we were in the bus. The most interesting is the psychological effect of restriction, namely that I personally felt tempted to gaze at them. If there was no restriction and they would be sitting right next to me, I would not even look at them. The grapes…

We went to a pool party at Crowne Plaza 7th Floor Pool. Nothing special, a lot of crew and a few quite desperate men around. Free entrance, free drinks, boring.

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