February 27th 2015, Doha, Qatar

It is our only day off per week during the training. In Arab countries weekend is Friday and Saturday, Friday being the Holy Day of Islam. I just had a coffee and a chat with my home country girls and I am preparing to go to the Museum of Islamic Art.

There is a mosque right in front of my window so I can hear all the prayers, 5 per day. At first I was a bit confused when I would wake up hearing the call to prayer, but now I don’t even wake up and if I do, at least I am aware of what it happens.

I take a cab and arrive at the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar. It is simply amazing and I can say I am more impressed with its architecture than I was with the Guggenheim in New York.


There are two floors with the permanent collection, categorized by country – which I like, a restaurant and terrace on the ground floor and the library at the top floor.

The architecture is simply delightful, exactly made for my taste. Simple, very full of meanings and symbols, discrete and broken lines, geometry and nature. Light, water, earth, art.

Why I love Islamic Art:

  • for the hidden meanings;
  • for its significance of eternity;
  • it has wide places, filled with light and surrounded by peaceful waters;
  • they have rigor and simplicity and in the same time a sophistication and refined embellishment;
  • the style is clean and outstanding;
  • arcades reflecting their infinite beauty in water mirrors.


After visiting the second floor I ate a pomegranate feta humus and others salad that came with a lovely drink – tea with lemon and mint – very sweet and refreshing and had a thick mango fresh juice.

From the restaurant and from the suspended bridges on each floors you can see the new area of the city, the tall and modern skyscrapers and the waters of the Bay.

I left the museum to walk by the water and see the lights of the new city turning on at dusk, then I went back to the fourth floor.

The Museum has many interesting activities for all ages such as calligraphy classes.


I am back home after stopping by at the corner store Al Falaq to buy some food. I cook everyday and I am comfortable in my new home.

The club at La Cigale is loud again and I follow their screen from my bed while I flip through the pages of my Arabic books and prepare for a new aviation training day.

Life as it is!


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