March 24th 2015 Nights in Doha are enjoyable, in company of newly made friends from around the world, having lavish dinners in wonderfully oriental decorated restaurants, on rooftops between lamps, exotic plants and shishas. With huge platters of lamb, rice, hoummus and tabuleh, fresh fruit juices from mangos and pomegranate, with tasty desserts. In the … Continue Reading

March 23th 2015 Goodbye Customer Services. Time for a new module, new challenges and new experiences. I am looking forward to the human ones. It should be “fun”!   Module reminds me the most precious jewel I have is my brain. Eyes remind me the most precious scent I have is my wit. Envy reminds … Continue Reading

March 22nd 2015 This morning I woke up and I open the windows to breathe the desert rain air. While sipping my strong coffee I put on my make up in my long sleeved white shirt.  It is raining for a few hours and desert people seem to be quite bothered by the unexpected of … Continue Reading

It is Friday, my only day off. I am watching movie after movie. Classics. Two quotes kept my attention: “We run away from our dreams afraid we might fail or maybe afraid we will succeed.” (Finding Forrester, a movie I saw right after the interview) “I’ve never been here yet I feel I’ve returned. I … Continue Reading

March 19th 2015 It is unbelievable how life can change from a moment to another. Exactly one month ago I was watching the lights from an airplane, while descenting to the desert. I had received a call a few days before, I declined the offer, hang up. Then I thought: isnt’t this what I wanted, … Continue Reading