March 5th 2015

It is funny how life happens.

I was planning to go see a movie in 4 days and by that time I was in a plane moving to another continent/country/city/field of activity/community/religion/behavior and clothing rules.

Only God can settle it all.

Once here, I feel it is my home, that I lived here in a previous lifetime. For sure I did. For sure I was a man and for sure I was an influential one.

In this life I think there are some things I need to pay, so my place is for sure here.

Today we went to government medicals where we were treated like sheep and were filmed by the female security of the hospital. Not the best feeling in the world. We need the working visa so it is fine after all. If this was to be gone through for seeing the world, then fine.

Oh…today we had the mid-term exam and I got 100% and them we were presented all the special meals.

To celebrate, we went at the JazzBar at Rotana Hotel. I am getting to know Doha and I cannot deny I love all the 5star places. In one way, you are forced because they are the only places selling alcohol. Anyhow, they have amazing flowers arrangements and posh modern design which I always loved. Hotels are one of my big passions since I started travelling more seriously.

I loved their practical and enjoyable design and when we built our house I got inspired quite a lot from the hotels’ design.

Tomorrow I want to go see the Al-Shaqab Horse event.

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“only God can settle it all” ?! wow !!
nu la toti, baby.numai la cei norocosi si la cei very:very hard working.

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