March 6th 2016

We arrived at the Al Shaqab Horse Riding Stadium in Doha, an amazing futuristic design huge equestrian club. I wanted to go at this event ever since December and convinced everybody t give Katara for the equestrian competition. As I am always lucky, some nice young men accompanied us and one of them provided free entrance tickets from a Moroccan conational.

We watched Dressage and Jumping sections and wandered in the stadium, taking pictures and laughing lots.

I loved the setting and the environment: it is the kind of place where I like to be, between regular people and royal family members, buses and Bentleys.

I followed the jumping section with great enthusiasm and learned how the points are added up and followed some royal blood competitors. Of course, the horses were all royal blood.

In any city I visited riding a bus or using any public transportation was normal, but of what I have heard, women cannot ride it here if they are not covered. I am looking forward to buying an abaya and knowing Arabic perfectly and blending in.

I just had a jerky beef food made with spicy Indian ingredients that my roomie got from a friend in Hong Kong. How international!

After completing the online courses and quizzes, I began reading the only book I brought with me “Mother Without a Mask” by Patricia Holton. It is the first time I miss home, our kitchen in my hometown house. As I flip the page to chapter one I see the beautiful page embellishments and I remember how I would always embellish my notebook page with s-shaped drawings at the corners.

I am at the beginning of my demons battles, as I once said in a public setting.

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