1. Be opened to meet any new persons. You never know when they could help you.

2. Help other people, for the same reason.

3. Don’t get in a fight with anybody. It never leads to any good. If you do, apologize.

4. Help others every time you can. It surrounds you by a good energy and it will come back 10 times. Believe me!

5. Look at things from the bright perspective. You’re only helping yourself. My mother says things have the importance you give them.

6. Try to refrain from showing people they are wrong. You’ll win, but you will lose a friend!

7. Ask for help. You cannot be good at everything and doing things together is a lot of fun.

8. Whatever people say or do to you, be nice to them. It is nerve wrecking, but you’ll win every time.

9. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

10. Be grateful for everything you have. If you can read this, for sure, have a lot!

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