May 2nd 2015

It is 3 AM and I am preparing for my Paradise Tanzanian destination. Besides my suitcase, this means thorough preparation of all the details of the trip and the aircraft features and procedures. In addition, I read about the history and main features of the country. I remember when I was in 7th grade and my mother brought 3 or 4 books about Paris, to which we had booked a trip and told me that I am not going until I read them. At the moment, I was not very happy, but then I created a habit to always go prepared for my destination, ready to top up with the new information provided on site.

Soon I will be in Dar el Salaam.

What I love most about my new passion (aka job) is that there is no notion of day and night, there is no separation between working days and weekends, there is no morning and no night.

Back when I was 15 and I started to taste the sweetness of staying up late listening to music and writing short texts, there was nothing I wished more than something that would allow me this. Then, during college, it suddenly happened, but at 18 you’re so young that the free time is wasted mainly on careless activities. Fair enough, I would not be the person I am today without all my experiences because we are a sum of all we lived. The happy days, the successes, the failures, the dark moments, the opportunities, the times you want to erase, the run, the waiting, the hopes, the parties, the studying times.

I am a sociable person. However, the late nights spent with myself represent my favorite activity. Like this night when I listen to old music and to recorded poems and write…

3:36 AM: The birds that visit my window every once in a while start singing just a few seconds before the prayers starts. There is a small mosque with a small minaret right in front of my window. The prayer feels much stronger in the silence of the desert.

3:40 AM: The birds are still singing and somewhere far a new minaret is calling for prayer. It is so beautiful to be in the middle of this culture.

One of the main purposes of my decision to change my lifestyle and move to the other end of the world is to visit Africa. Probably this is why my first (real, for the other two I was only observer) flight is to Tanzania.

I am still dazzled by the way this job changes the perception of time and space, of the size of the world. Only this month I will travel to 10 new countries and if there is a place I want to go to I just ask for it. My brain still needs time to process this totally different evaluation and perception of distances and the way things happen. Before, going to Johannesburg, for example, meant planning, raising the money, finding somebody to go with, getting days off, coordinating with the rest, booking tickets and hotels. Now it means taking my suitcase (soon) and taking off. A…and getting paid for it!

Looking forward to sharing with you pictures from my Tanzania adventure and the surprising information I gathered while preparing for the trip.

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