Thank you for reading my blog. Many of you have written me wonderful words, telling me that you are reading my posts first thing in the morning with delight and big eyes and wished me as many wonderful experiences. I am really enthusiastic, everything is happening very fast: new destinations, new colleagues for each flight, new places. I am thrilled!

This blog is not new. It has two years and a half starting the day I got admitted in the Bucharest Bar, but it was a private blog. I was waiting for the perfect moment to release it, but I never thought it would be when I will start travelling the world at a crazy pace. I thought it would be a pity not to have these unique memories recorded since I am experiencing so much. I am living the kind of experience you don’t live twice and I feel it is the right moment to do it.

Training had been like a vacation for me and with little effort I was awarded the top of the class award. My biggest accomplishment was helping others to succeed and graduate, even if sometimes it took more than 4 or 5 hours of tutoring every day.

The best part of the job is meeting people. All kinds. From servants to royal family, workers, diplomats, doctors, students, high class escorts, travelers, cabin crew, journalists. Name it, they are there. And they all have a story, they all travel for a reason, they all have an emotion deep in their hearts. I interacted with more than 1000 people personally so far and my life is richer due to the people I met and keep in touch with, having future plans together.

The conjunctures are apparently very superficial, because you meet before the flight and say goodbye after, might never see them again. But if that click is there, the connection stays strong because you have shared a special moment with them in a particular day, in a particular country, sharing a magnificent view or life moment. And that is what transforms the superficiality of the moment in beautiful friendship.

I was writing to a friend: “Last week I was in Tanzania, the day before yesterday I came back from Johannesburg and now I am in Moscow”. Wow! It is surreal and snobbish, but it is my everyday reality.


After each flight I am a bit melancholic after each destination because of the people, but then there’s another flight planned and it’s a never ending story. It is like a cascade that flushes and washes you from all sides and it is impossible to resist. You either carry on or walk away.

Then there are the passengers who are nice. I don’t understand why flight attendants hate passengers. It is like doctors hating patients because they are sick. My theory about passengers is the following: 70% are content, 30 % are not. Those 30% percent are not happy because of the employees interacting with them, those kind of people who would pull your nerves to maximum and only when you explode will show their customer experience skills. But why do that, when you can avoid it? Indeed, there is that 1% I did not mention that no matter what you do, they will kill your joy of life. The job teaches me how to deal with people and that is the most precious skill one can have and can be transferred to any field. It is my opinion that, usually, when people fail with a business, with a job, with a project, they fail with people, not with a certain task.

The world became so small and I am still not used to it. I still do not believe what is happening to me and I feel I am in a parallel world. The other day I was a dinner in Moscow with 5 people from 5 countries and they were talking about how it would be if they had a normal life.

I guess, indeed, this is not an ordinary life! Someone is telling me ordinary life is not life. I live in a parallel time and space. There is no far, no weekend, day, Monday, Tuesday, night. There are only dates, destinations and flight numbers. Not even names. Even to the space and distances I relate differently. Everything is measured in flying hours. 6 hours? Easy. I like to think highly of my brain, but it is difficult for it to process some things.

It is 9 PM and I just woke up. And I am not stressed at all, I write my texts, listen to Vivaldi and eat a big cake. Because I want to do exactly what I want, not to be corseted by all these have to or you don’t have to. Later, after 11 PM, I will have breakfast. Even before I liked taking breakfasts at night and I function best in shifts. I never slept on the road to a destination, because for me the road is most important. Working is easy and my wheels spin in my head like crazy trying to accumulate as much as this fate has been so generous to offer me.

Life and time run differently here. The day is divided by the 5 times a day call to prayer and many people are up before first prayer which is at about 3 AM. At night there are 30 degrees Celsius and I love it. I got so used to this weather that anywhere below 28-30 degrees I am cold. The paradox of hot countries is that they overuse air conditioning, so you have to carry at least a sweater with you. Always.

It’s about 11 PM and I am out in a summery outfit with flowery high waist loose flowery skirt and a black T-shirt, with my cream rubber flip flops with a ribbon on top. My long hair is in the wind. There is almost no one on the street, only the staff from the hotel right next to my house. I walk slowly inhaling the hot air. I pass by a corner shop where the white haired probably Indian manager is always at the cash register with a kind look and slight smile. I continue my way past the barber shops and the restaurants where the workers eat, then by the almost ten garages of the car wash. At the store, the boys are always nice and smile. Here you can order anything at home from groceries to McDonalds or a la carte food. Everything is deliverable. The local men, in their expensive cars are too lazy to enter the store, so the honk at the store delivery boys, give their order, wait for their stuff while smoking. The store boys come with the items and the total. Sometimes they go back for change. Delivery boys have bikes with a plastic box and they carry everything: 20 liters water containers, groceries, sweets, whatever you want and they call you when you are at your house.

I forgot to tell you about my magic stick with which I can pick my destinations and dates off and then a letter comes every 24th of the month and the dream comes true. Tokyo, Maldives, Sao Paolo, name it. A Ukranian girl told me <<Here every month you have Christmas>>. I am still living the wow, but I know I am here with a purpose and that someone has been more than patient with me ignoring it.

This is the scenery of my new life in the desert, a place where I have never been before, yet I feel that I have returned. My other life seems so far away now, in a fog, sometimes I am wondering if it ever existed. It is obvious I belong here.

Most of the people ask me: What is next?

But I do not function thinking of places and jobs. I think of who I am and who I am becoming.

And whatever might be coming, I will do it with all my heart. Like I did with lawyering, like I do with my current job. Reality is dynamic and has no pattern. In 6 months from now I might be married and expecting. Whatever destiny wants, the rest are details.

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