“I was in the winter of my life…” and then I moved to the desert. I changed everything from attitude to way of thinking and approaching disappointment, happiness, rejection, faith.

May has been an extraordinary journey and the craziest month of my life. In just 31 days I have interacted with thousands of people from all over the world, have been to 9 countries, swam in the storm at 30 degrees Celsius in Dar es Salaam, hugged lion cubs and went clubbing in Johannesburg, ate Russian food and walked in Red Square in Moscow, discovered the beauty of Phuket, tanned in Doha, visited temples and explored the crazy streets of Bangkok on a motorbike with my hair and skirt in the wind and took a relaxing trip to Beirut, to see the coast, the cedars and the remains of the greatest empires that ever existed. I only slept to survive and realized the only constant is change. Especially in aviation.

I used 7 currencies, breathed the air of 3 seasons, blogged and explored my new home, Doha, more, I have made friends that I keep in touch with from 5 countries and lived the most intense feelings of excitement and wanderlust. It is not a snobbish post, it is just the nutshell of my last 30 days, a series of posts that I will write after every month of flying.

As you read this, I’m pulling my suitcase to my next destination, Singapore. Stay tuned!

credit card

It’s 1st of May, Labor Day and I arrrived for 30 minutes from Riyadh, I changed my uniform with my sexy backless dress to party at a DJ rooftop pool party.


Then I walked and admired the flowers not far from Doha… I had Mojitos by the pool and fresh seafood in Africa’s only revolving restaurant at 21st floor with Indian Ocean dusk view in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


… came back with a pocketful of memories and pictures, changed into clubbing clothes and went up to 14th floor to sip some drinks and have a fruit platter with this view of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) and Corniche.

What I did not know was that the best was yet to come. I had a chitchat with my Spanish girl and took off for South Africa. Johannesburg was really a trip I adored. So intense, fun, personal, exciting, unique. I am still dreaming even now about the safari, hugging the lion cubs, being blocked under a wild cheetah, about huge steaks and ribs, quality wine, ostrich meat, bad neighborhood scare, local buses, clubbing and great people.

… fed the giraffes20150509_103627

Touched the soft lion cub feet

… was given a scary hug by the cheetah DSCN5549

… was offered this bucket with giraffe food by a kid because he wanted everybody to feed the giraffe.

I walked in Nelson Mandela Square.IMG_4443

If I started my Joburg trip with my Spanish friend, I had to finish it with her also. So we went to the Souq Waquif, where we chose a Syrian Restaurant, which has an astonishingly beautiful design and tasty food. Every corner of Damasca restaurant is amazing. It is like a jewel. Detail inside the restaurant and the famous stand in the Souq. IMG_4490

I barely unpacked my suitcase full of souvenirs and South African ostrich and beef meat that I had to pack of Moscow, where I walked km and km in the Russian specific wide squares and streets, saw St. Basil’s Cathedral and enjoyed little things in life, like ice cream on the bench, looking at the people, soaking the sun, speaking about my passion for Iran and telling my friends about the plot of the last Iranian author book I read.

DSCN5602  IMG_4547

After other two more flights I felt the need to recharge my batteries alone. So, I politely refused all the invitations and wandered alone in the city after dusk. First I had a very spiritual discussion in Fanar. Wandered in the Port, admired the view of the city lights, walked in the Souq and bought food from the covered women.
In the Port everybody comes by car, but I walked. It was dark, but it felt safe. In a big box, some men were praying. I reached the end and the view of the Doha new buildings is I guess the best in the City. Much better than MIA Park Cafe, because it is closer.


Every now and then I would look back at Fanar, remembering my conversation and thinking of what I had just received in the bag I was carrying.


On May 17th I wrote in Doha:

“I spend my days sleeping and may nights flying. Now I am off and I spend my night scrapbooking and looking over the souvenirs, magazines, brochures from my trips this month: Tanzania, Russian and South Africa.”

After 7 days of not flying and day dreaming, actually night dreaming, I was back to working traveling. It was time for the ocean and the amazing nature in every breath in Phuket, Thailand.



In Phuket I have charged myself with the force of the ocean. I looked at the roots of the rees, I have seen the sun, the rain, the sunrise, the ocean, I’ve followed the ants, listened to the birds and the wind, I talked to the kind people. I accepted the endless power of the universe and of our creator. What I’m leaving is unique, a lifetime investment that no market crash can take it away.

Since after all this busy month of travelling I have to realx (please don’t throw eggs at me!, I told you it’s a snobbish post), I took a walk on the corniche after going out in the Souq.


For the last part of May I ‘moved” to Thailand, a land of wonders, where the people are kind and the food is good.


I guess my life is a rollercoaster. From the hectic traffic of Bangkok to rushing an Indian driver around Doha to get the tickets to travel in my days off from…work traveling.

So, I made it and again I did not sleep for about 30 hours then packed and then slept a bit and finally took off for Beirut, Lebanon, where I spent the most enjoyable end of month.


Sunset at the end of the month from the 17th floor pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

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Imi imaginez cå nu prea ii place lui d-nul Baubec ca bei vin si te duci la cluburi singurå. La cat era el de sever. Nu stiu acum poate s-a mai skimbat.

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