Read about my holiday in Zanzibar here: Zanzibar, the Island that Changed me Forever   July 31st 2015, 5:10 PM, Zanzibar, Tanzania First time in Zanzibar, on the last day of July 2015, on blue moon, I was writing by hand in the last row of the bus taking us to the hotel: “A yellow … Continue Reading

23 July 5:20, Doha, Qatar, on my way to the airport, destination Madrid The perfectly round and yellow sun completes the picture of the architecture of I.M.Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art and far away you can see the new area of the city (West Bay). In front of that, close by are the wooden boats … Continue Reading

Before landing I was curious if I was going to recognize Shanghai after 11 years+. I mean, I am just bach from Bucharest and I barely recognized parts of it after 6 months away from the city. And I lived there 7 years. First Day in Shanghai I take my room key and head to … Continue Reading

Read here about my other trip to Stockholm: Eating Rudolph in Stockholm Cabin crew have two types of main duty, namely flying with all it incurs and standby, which means you sit with your suitcases packed not knowing where you might go, mainly everybody’s dream. I remember always wanting to go to the airport and … Continue Reading

It is not a snobbish entry, it is just the nutshell of my last 30 days, a series of posts that I will write after every month of flying. Check out the history: May’s Snobbish Post *** The first days of June I spent in lavish, modern, chic, occidental, free, fresh air, having sea and … Continue Reading