It is not a snobbish entry, it is just the nutshell of my last 30 days, a series of posts that I will write after every month of flying.

Check out the history: May’s Snobbish Post


The first days of June I spent in lavish, modern, chic, occidental, free, fresh air, having sea and mountains, yachts and clubs and culture together, lovely Beirut in a well-deserved holiday at the end of my first month of flying.


Then, I headed to the Far East, in Seoul, Korea where I was supposed to stay a couple of days and ended up staying a whole week, expanding – the reason why I came here, after all, which is – life experience.


I love hotels and hotel experience and I feel at home from the moment I check in. What I love most is how the rooms have great practicality and when I got the opportunity to design my own house, I got inspired greatly from the hotels I lived in.

On the 10th I was writing: I arrived from Korea at 5 AM and by the time I woke up in the afternoon I hadn’t eaten for almost 24 hours. Before sleeping I hadn’t slept for the same. I made myself an omelet with ostrich meat bought from Johannesburg. 

On the 11th I say the city lights of Dubai from high above while thinking when I should plan my next holiday here. I have never been to Dubai, for some reason I always considered it dull and too mainstream and I always chose something else when traveling. Now it’s so close, almost “on the other side of the fence” and I want to give it a try and a chance.

Soon after I was checking in for Singapore, a place which I found stunning, perfect and not very much my style – a capsule non-life city. Fair enough I did not have much time to experience the city and I was dead tired, so looking forward to the next time…



On the 17th I departed to the destination I expected most and the one that I loved most – Cape Town, South Africa.


When back in Doha I had some spiritual inspiration in my never-ending search of light and truth and wrote: “One that denies something in on the way of accepting it exists. One that denies something accepts it exists.

After two months’ worth of training in Doha, I decided that once I will start flying, I will not spend my days off here, so at the beginning of the month I flew to Beirut, Lebanon and now, before they sell it to scrap yard and since in an test it turned out that in a previous life I lived in Ancient Greece, I flew to Athens. In my days off, but on a jump seat (crew seat), in the middle of the galley (kitchen) of a A330.


I thought my crazy race to get to Beirut was something, but this time…I went beyond any record. I made it and I am heading to Athens. I am back with writing about four blog posts and I have about the same number of opened/unpacked suitcases in my room. However, I cannot stay in one place anymore. From a nomad heritage like mine it was impossible to turn out (just) a lawyer. I counted only 5 nights slept in Doha until this time of the month. Because when things are allowed up there, they happen. I became addicted to flying, to going up and down, exploring and learning – like in life. P.S. My seat – priceless.


In Greece, Athens, Plaka, Sissifos Restaurant my mind was playing an old song saying little girl bad girl and I remember him, how much he would have loved to be there, free of … anything. He gave me this desire for freedom even though he is so trapped. So smart, so basic, so me.


IMG_7454 Finally, the last, but not least, I have been to Algiers, Algeria, one of the places around the world where I really felt like home due to my good friend there, Zinou and where I was in a Catholic cathedral written: Pray for us and the Muslims.

priez.jpg-medium pour nous

The now dark streets with many light streets of this bay city are thrilling me as we are driving so fast through the most dangerous streets of the city. I ask: – Why dangerous? killing, stealing, prostitution, beating up? – Everything. No prostitution. – Why? – It is not safe. – So it is not a safe working environment for prostitution. – Yes.

His eyes smile.

There’s something about this country that fascinates me. The silence, the water, the beautiful and less pleasant parts of it that blend in a unique and charming place to be.


I am flying for months now and I’ve come to realize that, indeed, the only constant is change, especially in aviation, as I’ve said it before. Until now, besides numerous schedule changes, I have been in quarantine in Incheon Airport, Korea, my much expected trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I was going to play with the elephants, got canceled and instead I had to stay in the house (home standby) for three days right after two days off and I got (extremely) sick when coming back from Athens. This job had good and bad parts, but for sure balance is key, like anywhere else. Something that I don’t know, so I had to learn the hard way. Sometimes I would eat too much, other times too little and I only slept to survive and it was impossible that the body give signs of weakness. This is not a travel blog! It is the blog of my evolution, of my ups and downs through my journey around the world. It is a blog that’s alive, that has a person who writes. It is not an advertising blog, it is a place where I put down my thoughts and where I gather people who think the same as me.

These past two months have been an extraordinary journey and the craziest months of my life. In just 60 days I have interacted with thousands of people from all over the world, have been to countless countries, swam in the storm at 30 degrees Celsius in Dar es Salaam, hugged lion cubs and went clubbing in Johannesburg, ate Russian food and walked in Red Square in Moscow, discovered the beauty of Phuket, tanned in Doha, visited temples and explored the crazy streets of Bangkok on a motorbike with my hair and skirt in the wind and took a relaxing trip to Beirut, to see the coast, the cedars and the remains of the greatest empires that ever existed, experienced Korean food and style in Seoul, was trapped in quarantine in Incheon, Korea, went for fine dining in Singapore and went up the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands to see one of the best night views of a cities I’ve ever seen, saw the penguins colony, had more juicy steaks and climbed Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, admired the tiny houses on the steps going up the Acropolis in Athens, Greece and brought back olive oil and soaked up the North African sun and went for Ramadan partying under the clear sky and on top of the city lights in the bay of Algiers, Algeria.

After these two months I’ve drawn a line. I stopped a while from my fast track life without my will and now that I did I realized it was exactly what I needed.

Every month I find new targets and objectives and my wishes change. I’m not adapting to a new place – I’ve adapted the first day here and anywhere I moved in my life around the world, may it be Bucharest or the States, I am adapting to a new lifestyle, to having more good in my life than less good, of enjoying my alone moments and having a perfect little universe in the desert in which all I worry about is which destinations to choose for next month and which are the best places to eat, visit and shop.

Yet again, I accept everything that comes my way with serenity, because I know it’s with a purpose and I always try to find it. These days, I arranged my thoughts, both written and flying ones, I released my Queen of Contrasts facebook page and set some goals with it, caught up with old friends, planned my trip back home, talked more to my mother and took time to tell her how much I love her and to be grateful of how lucky we are, I thought of healthy diet and how is it important to us. Regarding this last matter, I gave a lot of thought during the last months of the energy in our food, the energy put in our body. For example, one male public figure never eats food cooked by a female, my cousin told me what she cooks and told me “besides it’s my own energy I cook with”. Is it really something we should think about? Lately I made a connection between some articles I read about the route of the food to your plate. Sometimes it hides human slavery, child labor and horrific truths and all that pain and energy comes together with your food to your plate and arrives in your body. This could be a theory, maybe not one easy to digest for everybody, but let me take this opportunity to invite you to give it some thought if you ever find yourself in front of some salmon, just to name one controversial food item.

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Esti tare draga mea !!
Citesc cu mare placere blogul tau.Am admirat-o si-o admir in continuare pe Eda si pe d-nul Baubec. Ne-ar fi placut sa ne arati niste poze si cu tatal tau (daca vrei bine-inteles)


Buna ziua, multumesc mult de aprecieri, dar cred ca nu stiu exact cine e pe partea cealalta a calculatorului…

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