August 20th 2015, travelling to Nairobi Exactly 6 months ago, around this time, I was landing in Doha, to start a new life in the desert. I carried with me a lot of positive thoughts and hopes, but also some uncertainties and doubts. At this point I know this has been the best decision of … Continue Reading

My schedule for August is pretty good, I just came back from Zanzibar and Bangkok and before my annual holiday starting the 22nd, I am going to Jakarta and Nairobi and have training for a new aircraft. However, I am still waiting to see what “present” destination I will receive for my birthday, for which … Continue Reading

Read about my other trips to Bangkok: Bangkok – The Urban Jungle / Bangkok Reloaded / Bangkok – Vol. 4 4 August 2015 I left behind some of the ghosts of the past. Some willingly, some involuntarily. I feel I belong here, with the alive feeling of the present. Off back to Bangkok to gather some more unique … Continue Reading