Read here about my other trips to Jakarta: Spirituality and Nightlife in Jakarta / Midnight Thoughts in Jakarta   About Destiny This is how I am of no help to the ones who ask me about the interview for my company, the life here, the usual process. I just tell them it’s all about destiny and almost 1 year … Continue Reading

October 26th, 2015, Kigali, Rwanda I had requested this Kigali, Rwanda via Entebbe, Uganda flight. Me and the supervisor, for different reasons – me to see the world, her to work less. Everybody I tell where I’m going warn me about how dangerous this place is. Reality: Kigali is very safe and the cleanest place … Continue Reading

October 15th 2015, Sao Paolo, Brazil In Sao Paolo, by the pool I listen to some Spanish speaking crew’s discussion about couple, love, family, fortification of the couple, distance relationships, psychologists… I am waiting for my friends L., a local, whom I met 10 years ago while we were both studying in US. At the … Continue Reading

October 14th 2015, somewhere around the world I think I might go crazy. Every line I read, every song I listen to, every part of movie I see I perceive as a message. A divine message. I started watching The Clone again, the famous Brazilian soap opera which I was watching in 2003. The year … Continue Reading