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About Destiny

This is how I am of no help to the ones who ask me about the interview for my company, the life here, the usual process. I just tell them it’s all about destiny and almost 1 year down the road, I strongly believe the same thing.

October 28th, Doha, waking up after Kigali flight, preparing for Jakarta, writing to a friend curious of my life as cabin crew, intrigued that I gave up a life as a rising lawyer after years of hard work and study:

I started everything very young. I graduated from high-school when I was admitted to the most prestigious Law School in the country, I graduated at 21 (4 years), at 19 I got hired at one of the most reputed law firms in the country where I had a 4 hour schedule, but where I spent 12 hours because I liked it so much, at 22 I passed the Bar exam as the youngest lawyer in the country, I published articles and made presentations at conferences etc.

So, success after success and a lot of work, because nothing is for free. I used to love it. But…I don’t know what happened, there must be a moment in life when…I just did not feel fulfilled anymore, actually I was on the other side, I was unsatisfied always, I could not find my place anymore. And I started realizing that I have to make a change. Good! This is the first step, the identification of the problem. I searched for a few months – PhD in Florence, internship in London. All I knew was that I had to leave. I sat for the Final Bar Exam in December,  because I thought, whatever the future might bring, being fully qualified as lawyer gives you a job and a Plan B for life.

But…as things happen usually, in an unexpected and overwhelming way, three days before the exam I saw an advertisement on the internet, on Facebook, I sent my CV, they invited me for the interview and 2 days before the Bar Exam I was at the interview, a crazy risk to take. They liked me, asked me to go to another final interview 1 day before the exam, I went, I passed, I waited.

Going back to the office after passing the exam – of course I passed with flying colors – was terrible, I did not want anything, I was only dreaming about foreign and far-away places, about adventure, about anything else than what I knew – same office, same coffee mug, same screen.

Because of all this piled up dissatisfaction and frustration of not finding my own place I felt the need to see a psychologist, I think I went for a few months before I finally left. The woman had some faith in God and knew some parapsychology. Knowing that airlines normally make you wait for up to one year until they finally have you flown to their hub and actually they can never call you again although you passed the interview, I applied for an internship in London, at one of the leading bodies of Arbitration in the world, my field of activity. The psychologist told me pray for 23 days or 21 days I cannot remember, to whoever you want, just pray and the 23rd day something special will happen. Oh well, the 23rd day they rejected my application for the London interview. What I did not know at that time was that I already had the Qatari visa issued (I only found out after one month when they sent me the ticket to join) and that they were going to call me in 5 days from the moment when I had sent all the documents necessary for the file.

I can say it was meant to be, that I was pulled here of forces above my control. For me, this job is the passion of my life and my destiny. Part of my destiny, of course. I have never felt I belong so much, never felt so calm inside and fulfilled as here and now. I have never lived the here and now until…now.

Initially I said I will be here for 6 months, then one year, then 1 year from now, but now I simply don’t think about it. As long as I will enjoy it as I do now I will be here. I think I will be here for two more years or so, for a total of 3 years, because there are so many places I want to go to, both with the job and also on my own.

I love it here and I like everything, I’m fulfilled. There is no universal recipe, what works for me might not work for another because we are not built the same and we come from different stories and backgrounds.

If you want, it’s worth trying. The life experience and the opening to the world that a job like this gives you cannot be compared to what you get from any other job. Besides you work on the soft skills, the patience, the warmth, the reading of people the interactions, the reactions, you see what makes them happy, what makes them proud, important, frustrated or curious. It’s a human life book.

It matches my personality very well, I changed so much, form the inside, I feel that I have evolved, that I worked to the less visible aspects of me – human interactions, patience, kindness. It is a whole story. I don’t have a pre-established plan, but I’ll try to make one by the end of the year. I still don’t have one, but it’s not yet the end of the year. J

Having this job your time runs differently than real life. You don’t even realize what date it is and two more months have passed already. You never know what day of the week it is and you go from UK to Thailand to South Africa sometimes in the same week.  You are everywhere and nowhere. This job is not for everyone, you have to be able to work long hours, shifts, resist fatigue, stress, to be patient with people (at the same time!!!) and it is not an easy job although people have the impression cabin crew don’t do much.

As of now, I don’t see myself in Romania anymore and I don’t see myself going back to lawyering, but the best part is that this kind of job opens a lot of doors and fields of activities. I walked the beaten path (uni-internship-job-graduation-qualification etc.) and I got bored and now I was to see what surprises my life will bring. For the moment I’m enjoying what I do and I’m thinking that if I do this until I’m 27-28 is not that bad. After that I shall see, I don’t have a certain target, I don’t want something particular and I have no fixed destination. For now, just next month’s schedule – Jakarta, Los Angeles (hopefully), Phuket, Beijing, Dhaka, Milan. Maybe I’ll die tomorrow. This is the way I think. It might not be the healthiest life receipt, but it makes me happy and I’m not the kind who thinks too much.

I never thought like this “Oh my Gosh, I worked so much to become a lawyer and now I gave it all up”. There were enough people who did this for me. Although I worked and studied enormously and I put passion in it, so I did not feel the weight of it all. Therefore, it was easy to let go, although letting go is not the right word.

Here it was more of a normal step. I was drawn into it, like a magnet does, I knew this is my place. And I still feel it. Anyways, among the stories of cabin crew I am a special case, therefore another reason why I am not a model to follow.

There are girls who come here at 34-35! It depends on the job, but this kind of experience can make you become more valuable and, from my point of view, this is the case. Another thing, you don’t need to care what people say because nobody will go to work one single morning for you. Imagine a lifetime. Not even what parents say. My mother was not very happy either at the beginning, although she would not say. Even though she know I was not satisfied at my previous job anymore. Now, after a while si is very happy because she realizes that I love it and that I’m fulfilled and I’m doing what everybody wishes to. Everybody wants to travel. To work, raise money and travel. I took the shortcut and I’m paid to travel. Everybody, believe me. A home, food, these are necessities, but what everyone wants is to see the world. And why not do it when I’m 20, young and beautiful and do it when you have a hip prosthesis (this is one of my bad jokes). Society and the close ones, the family, will always be against such a change initially. And I will tell you why. People love their comfort zones. When you leave your comfort zone, automatically the leave theirs and the cannot understand and cannot accept it and they will be the first who will tell to think again, to tell you examples of epic failures and disasters and atrocities.

If you know, but you have to be sure, that you want: that’s it!

You will see that the transformation will be more that you have ever imagined.

I’ve always been down to earth and very independent, but now I’m bulletproof. I mean, I know that almost anywhere I go in this world, alone, I can handle it, I can interact with anyone, with all society layers and age ranges, I can speak with the eyes and through gestures with the people I cannot speak with, I feel the people, I can read them, anticipate their actions. It’s amazing.


October 28th, 2015, Doha, Qatar

I woke up at 6:45 to apply for a visa for my mom. The driver was waiting me outside. One thing I learned here is that people help you and that this feels good. I love my company.

This is how you know a guy is into you – when he offers you his car to drive.

Less than 3 hours later I am on my way to Jakarta – 9 hours flight. Home – uniform – suitcases – ready – get set – go.

Jakarta is one of those destinations that seem very exotic and posh, but somehow disappoint you when you are there (I take my words back and am coming back with a post of my third visit to Jakarta when I actually visited the city). Indeed, I haven’t seen much of it and apparently the most of the things to do there are outside of the city. Like this massage center which is impressive. They have foot massage on ground floor and whole body massage on the top floor – yes, the whole building is a massage center. It looks like an industry, the masseurs are called by public announcement, it is clean, they have tens of huge armchairs for massage, bitter ginger tea and the price is ridiculously low. Must Try!

However, I’ve seen one of the most beautiful sunrises on the lake and I looked at the crazy traffic almost all night long – here it’s always rush hour, I thought of my stuff while looking at the reflections of the palm trees in the pool, I watched my own reflection in huge mirrors and made some choices,

IMG_3223I lied to myself and told some truths to someone else.


In 2015 I have been in Jakarta twice by now, but to my shame, I chose to spend the layovers by the pool or having dinners, cocktails and massages.

IMG_3002Travelling is tiring, you know…







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