December 28th 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland Don’t take garbage with you in the New Year. We tend to hang on to our unhappiness and it’s hard to let go because it’s ours, right? … but at the end of the day, if we learn something from it,  we should be thankful for being given the chance … Continue Reading

December 17th 2015, Stockholm, Sweden Hello everyone, it’s my second time in the city. Read about my other experience and what I did in this wonderful city: City Break in Stockholm This time it’s raining, but Christmas is just around the corner, so the atmosphere is quite cozy in the design lobby of this airport hotel. … Continue Reading

Read here about my other Barcelona trip It’s my first time in Barcelona and I’m quite surprised that I don’t know much about the city. For years, I ran away from destinations like Spain, Italy and Greece as all Romanian were making a queue to go. But why be where everybody is? At those times … Continue Reading

I’ll say it right from the start, Manchester exceeded my expectations by far. I just wrote this and I made one delicious lentil soup while making the Christmas shopping list in my head. Actually late Christmas, which I will spend in Edinburgh with my mom. Well, as always, we started in the lobby bar, where … Continue Reading

Read about my other trip to Milan: Second Milanese Story – my favorite   December 3rd 2015, Milan, Italy Normally I wished each of my visits lasted more, but this time in Milan was just perfect. Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! The Month of December is here, cheers to that! Therefore –  1. It’s cold 2. … Continue Reading