January 31st 2016, Beijing, China 1 AM, just arrived in Beijing, China first time after 12 years. I was thinking in the plane that you should surround yourself with positive people. Then you become positive. Always be positive. I have dear friends who are negative and I avoid being around them since they seem to … Continue Reading

Read here about last month’s adventure in Barcelona  January 26th 2016, flying to Barcelona, Spain We try to change people. That’s one of our life’s problems and source of disappointment and grief. If you want to change somebody, change yourself. I’m a lion away from the pride. A lonely horse. I just fly and land … Continue Reading

Arrived from Milan after a 9 hour delay and 6 hour flight. The sunrise is amazing and the moon is on the sky, too. At least we’re looking at the same moon… At least we are flying the same skies …sharing the same view …swimming in the same thoughts and feelings ocean …secretly caring for each … Continue Reading

Read about my other trip to Milan: A Milanese Story January 16th 2016, Doha, QatarMy friend said see you next weekend in Milan. Next weekend? For me it’s an eternity until then. It cannot be next weekend. I Mean until then I’m going to Dhaka for one night, flying to Chennai and I’m tanning two days … Continue Reading

January 19th 2016, waking up at 5:55 PM, getting ready for a short holiday in Phuket. Having no two piece swimsuit, as I lost my only one in Seychelles. Living the fast life. The amazing, messy life. Living the life I always wanted, but never knew existed. Not sleeping all night, sleeping all day. Traveling … Continue Reading