Read here about my other Lebanese adventures: Beirut Dreams (2015) February 18th, 1:20AM, Doha, Qatar Just returned from Asmara, Eritrea where I met such polite, well dressed and beautiful people. Booked for Beirut again a few hours before leaving for Bali. It feels great, just under 2 minutes, I didn’t even check the rates. From Bali … Continue Reading

February (read about all my destinations) has been amazing so far: Bangkok – my favorite, Maldives for the first time, Milan. Then getting ready for Saigon in Vietnam and Osaka at the end of the month. As if it was not enough, I just booked for Beirut – another soul destination – and I received … Continue Reading

February 10th 2016 I realized why fancy, still waters places don’t appeal that much to me. I like the turmoil of the water, the raging waves, it’s darkness, mystery and underworld secret life. I haven’t even gone through a quarter of this month’s travels and it’s time to request some more for March. What I know … Continue Reading

February 8th 2016, Maldives I arrived fast at the airport and I’m listening to this song reminding me of […] Oh well, in a few hours I will be in Maldives, so who cares? During landing I see the light blue/turquoise water and the many small islands with white, transparent waters. The whole plane is … Continue Reading

Read about my other trips to Bangkok: Bangkok – The Urban Jungle / Bangkok Reloaded /  Life by the Edge in Bangkok   February 2nd 2016, Bangkok, Thailand  Around noon, at the 11th floor of the hotel I know so well by know. I am again in Bangkok, one of my top 3 destinations in the world, for … Continue Reading