Read here the first part of the story: Venetian Fantasy (I)  March 31st 2016, Venice, Italy, on some canal, crossing some bridge, so happy So, here I am on this tongue of land sustaining the train I’m in that’s taking me to the city of waters, of art, of love, of culture, of canals, of … Continue Reading

Venetian Fantasy (I)

Read here the second part of the story: Venice Fantasy – Just Art and Feeling The two days I spent in Venice were all about … Continue Reading

March 15th 2016, Hangzhou, China We reached in the afternoon and checked in at the lakeside hotel, looking like a mountain resort. Not tall buildings, maximum 3 floors, big green spaces, relaxed atmosphere and clean fresh air. However, once you step out of the hotel gardens doors, on the main roads, you really understand the … Continue Reading

March 8th, Doha, Qatar, 4AM Sometimes I see only black and white and sometimes I see all the colors, but at the end of the day I don’t forget who I am. March 9th 2016, Berlin, Germany, late evening Arrived in my room having lots of windows on two of the walls. Drinking some champagne … Continue Reading

16 days. 5 countries. 66058 km. 85 hours and 40 minutes flying time. From Bali to Beirut to Ho Chi Min to Osaka to Kyoto to Perth. Back home in Doha in the desert where … it is raining. Life is so beautiful and full of surprises. Traveling is living, but don’t think it is … Continue Reading