Welcome to my blog. I am Sevim and I am Romanian-Tatar, grew up in Transylvania and graduated Law in Bucharest. I CHOSE to quit my job after 5 years and become a flight attendant and travel the world to discover it, but especially to DISCOVER MYSELF.

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been flying tireless around the world: from Buenos Aires to Tokyo, from Mykonos to Ho Chi Minh, from Capetown to Auckland, from Bangkok to Sao Paolo, from New York to Milan, from Edinburgh to Zanzibar, from Helsinki to Los Angeles.

What can you find on the blog?

Some of my thoughts.

My soul squashed through the keyboard (although I am a great fan of handwriting which I do often) with some memories (mostly from other lifetimes) and some neurons (who insist on seeing the world differently).


Feel free to ask me anything about my travels, any details or advice, I answer all messages and comments.


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