August 8th 2016, on a flight from Doha to Madrid Infinite-infinite-end of cycle. Or not. Pampered in the best way by my colleagues, impressed with tears by the little things someone can do for you when they want, making you the most special person in the world. Listening to Julio Iglesias – To all the … Continue Reading

July 13th 2016, Casablanca, Morocco Arrived in Casablanca again, after a few days. Oh Rick…my fast life. I’m quite familiar with the surroundings and I know I want to explore the city alone. Spotted some superb buildings with lots of small pink flowers grown all the way up and leaning on the white walls on … Continue Reading

July 3rd 2016, Casablanca, Morocco Kindness is all that keeps us human. It’s early morning, I’m right after a great Omani adventure… And oh, Rick…I’m traveling to Casablanca …for the first time in my life …yet again, to meet my destiny.   …but I don’t know it yet, although I know it deep down, my … Continue Reading

June 30th 2016, Doha, Qatar, coming from Dhaka, Bangladesh, traveling to Muscat, Oman I believe in the cyclicity of events. Of life. One year ago I was operating my first flight to Muscat, a fact I will never forget, unlike my first time pleading in front of an Appeal Court – before I even graduated Law … Continue Reading

June 27th 2016, 6 AM, just arrived from a whole night flight to and back from Ahmedabad My life lately? Positive isolation, removing myself from the distractions of everyday life. Harvest of interior work. Rising above what I no longer need.   Same day, Doha, Qatar, Iftar time, 6:25 PM I’m in uniform in the … Continue Reading