July 13th 2016, Casablanca, Morocco Arrived in Casablanca again, after a few days. Oh Rick…my fast life. I’m quite familiar with the surroundings and I know I want to explore the city alone. Spotted some superb buildings with lots of small pink flowers grown all the way up and leaning on the white walls on … Continue Reading

July 3rd 2016, Casablanca, Morocco Kindness is all that keeps us human. It’s early morning, I’m right after a great Omani adventure… And oh, Rick…I’m traveling to Casablanca …for the first time in my life …yet again, to meet my destiny.   …but I don’t know it yet, although I know it deep down, my … Continue Reading

“Though you may travel the world to find the beautiful, you must have it within you or you will find it not.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson   Sometime at the end of 2014, Bucharest, Romania Much of the activity of our family is spreads around Rotary (mother just handed over the Presidency of her Club) and Rotaract, of which … Continue Reading

April 18th, around 39.000 ft, flying over the Indian Ocean, right where it meets the Gibson Desert of Australia Earlier I saw the reflection of clouds in the ocean, the wide ocean. My view from here is like the one on Discovery Channel – red and blue blend in a canyon. It looks like small … Continue Reading

Read here the first part of the story: Venetian Fantasy (I)  March 31st 2016, Venice, Italy, on some canal, crossing some bridge, so happy So, here I am on this tongue of land sustaining the train I’m in that’s taking me to the city of waters, of art, of love, of culture, of canals, of … Continue Reading