October 14th 2015, somewhere around the world I think I might go crazy. Every line I read, every song I listen to, every part of movie I see I perceive as a message. A divine message. I started watching The Clone again, the famous Brazilian soap opera which I was watching in 2003. The year … Continue Reading

January 31st 2015, Bucharest, Romania This weekend was magical in many ways. It started with a double session and some tears at the memories of my childhood at my psychologist and it evolved into an introspection of my whole life, remembrances, thoughts, furry, loneliness. I prayed a little and read a lot from all the … Continue Reading

Yesterday, in full personal turmoil I finished The Book of Fate by Parinoush Saniee. One of the best books I read lately: an incredible story of destiny, courage, pain, love and sacrifice. The book has many hidden messages and gets straight to your heart. Very intense and well-written. No embellishment or fantasy. Realist. Life as … Continue Reading

As the last book I read, Farah Pahlavi – Memoirs, I have had this book in the library for some years and I had started reading it before. The existence of a group deciding the majors events of the humanity, the conspiracy theory and the rest of subjects in the same category have fascinated since … Continue Reading

This book is about destiny. From an (more than) upper middle class family, ambitious and educated in a strict manner, especially after the death of her highly educated father, son of former consul of Iran in Georgia, Farah Pahlavi is the last wife of the last Shah of Iran. In Memoirs she outlines the previous … Continue Reading