June 30th 2016, Doha, Qatar, coming from Dhaka, Bangladesh, traveling to Muscat, Oman I believe in the cyclicity of events. Of life. One year ago I was operating my first flight to Muscat, a fact I will never forget, unlike my first time pleading in front of an Appeal Court – before I even graduated Law … Continue Reading

May 17th Landed from the second flight ever operated by QA from Doha to Yerevan, Armenia, where I decided to return for holidays. Back home early morning, packed for the Jordanian new adventure, changed Qatari ryals into Jordanian dinars, slept a bit and off to the airport. The story of my life – flight after flight. … Continue Reading

Read here about my other Lebanese adventures: Beirut Dreams (2015) February 18th, 1:20AM, Doha, Qatar Just returned from Asmara, Eritrea where I met such polite, well dressed and beautiful people. Booked for Beirut again a few hours before leaving for Bali. It feels great, just under 2 minutes, I didn’t even check the rates. From Bali … Continue Reading

Read here about my other Lebanese adventures: Beirut Dreams (2016) I guess my life is a roller coaster. From the hectic traffic of Bangkok to rushing an Indian driver around Doha (when a lady announces me it’s weekend by the phone and the counters are opened until 2:30 PM and not 10 PM, like I … Continue Reading

March 6th 2016 We arrived at the Al Shaqab Horse Riding Stadium in Doha, an amazing futuristic design huge equestrian club. I wanted to go at this event ever since December and convinced everybody t give Katara for the equestrian competition. As I am always lucky, some nice young men accompanied us and one of … Continue Reading