May 22nd 2015 I wrote this text at the very end of last year, when everybody was getting ready for the “new year, new me” plans. Not myself. I was not so profound, but yet I had some plans… I am taking a risk as I did so many times before and 2 or 3 times … Continue Reading

April 27th 2015   For English scroll down În momentul în care citiți acest mesaj eu mă aflu în avion spre Oman, indicând pasagerilor ieșirile de urgență și cum să folosească măștile de oxigen în caz de decompresie. Povestea Sunt avocat. Din 2012, când am devenit cel mai tânăr avocat din România, la puțin peste … Continue Reading

April 17th 2015 People ask me if I am adapting to Doha. They asked this for years after I moved to Bucharest. Same questions when I moved to the States to travel, then when I returned for work. Then when I traveled abroad for long periods of time. Yes. Actually no. Because I do not … Continue Reading

April 12th 2015 After we broke up, he loved me for years. Sometimes he tried to hurt me with words, sometimes he told others hurtful words about me. But in one moment of honesty, in one moment that had the value of a revelation to me, when I felt somebody successfully analyzed my way, something … Continue Reading

March 24th 2015 Nights in Doha are enjoyable, in company of newly made friends from around the world, having lavish dinners in wonderfully oriental decorated restaurants, on rooftops between lamps, exotic plants and shishas. With huge platters of lamb, rice, hoummus and tabuleh, fresh fruit juices from mangos and pomegranate, with tasty desserts. In the … Continue Reading