I am as individualist as one can be. After finding myself in a moment where I feel I am not growing anymore, after proving everybody, especially myself, that I can hustle in the cold legal world, I decided there has to be only me, myself and I. So I shall change everything. The country (I … Continue Reading

December 22nd 2014, Targu-Mures, Transylvania, Romania Flipping the pages of Harper’s Bazaar , I remember my fascination for fashion, for glossy magazines, for the feeling of being in a moment anywhere around the world in Louboutin heels, with monogram Louis Vuitton bag and other things that I came to realize do not matter. I run … Continue Reading

December 21st, Romania I am thinking of the life I will have… I am thinking of the things I am leaving behind, I am thinking of how it shall be I am thinking of how I shall fit in, adapt or like it …but then I remember how many changes I have made in my … Continue Reading