April 29th 2016 Today I had my first flight and everything ran smoothly. I learned a lot, I was given many hands by my colleagues who were patient enough to explain me around, I was fast as an old snail and then advanced to slow as a snail. I spilled juice on the floor and … Continue Reading

1. Be opened to meet any new persons. You never know when they could help you. 2. Help other people, for the same reason. 3. Don’t get in a fight with anybody. It never leads to any good. If you do, apologize. 4. Help others every time you can. It surrounds you by a good … Continue Reading

April 17th 2015 People ask me if I am adapting to Doha. They asked this for years after I moved to Bucharest. Same questions when I moved to the States to travel, then when I returned for work. Then when I traveled abroad for long periods of time. Yes. Actually no. Because I do not … Continue Reading