May 22nd 2015 I wrote this text at the very end of last year, when everybody was getting ready for the “new year, new me” plans. Not myself. I was not so profound, but yet I had some plans… I am taking a risk as I did so many times before and 2 or 3 times … Continue Reading

Thank you for reading my blog. Many of you have written me wonderful words, telling me that you are reading my posts first thing in the morning with delight and big eyes and wished me as many wonderful experiences. I am really enthusiastic, everything is happening very fast: new destinations, new colleagues for each flight, … Continue Reading

May 2nd 2015 It is 3 AM and I am preparing for my Paradise Tanzanian destination. Besides my suitcase, this means thorough preparation of all the details of the trip and the aircraft features and procedures. In addition, I read about the history and main features of the country. I remember when I was in … Continue Reading

April 29th 2016 Today I had my first flight and everything ran smoothly. I learned a lot, I was given many hands by my colleagues who were patient enough to explain me around, I was fast as an old snail and then advanced to slow as a snail. I spilled juice on the floor and … Continue Reading

April 27th 2015   For English scroll down În momentul în care citiți acest mesaj eu mă aflu în avion spre Oman, indicând pasagerilor ieșirile de urgență și cum să folosească măștile de oxigen în caz de decompresie. Povestea Sunt avocat. Din 2012, când am devenit cel mai tânăr avocat din România, la puțin peste … Continue Reading