February 26th 2015 I am getting used to Qatar and the life in the desert, a land that welcomed me with warmth and new opportunities. This place is amazing in many ways: there is sand everywhere, you can order anything from the store at home, most of the people are of a different nationality, everything … Continue Reading

February 22nd 2015 It is 0300 and I wake up with a terrible stomach ache. Last night I ate with my roomie some rice with meat and very hot pickles and beef from India. She set up the table while I was heating what I had bought. I saw she forgot the cutlery and I … Continue Reading

This is my first day in Doha, Qatar, Middle East, the desert. I was done with the formalities at 0400 and went to sleep. Then I started exploring the city with other girls from my country. First stop in a city you know nothing about? The mall. A nice one with a little river with … Continue Reading